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Seamless integration, made easy with Askr

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Our Mission

Our mission at Askr is to simplify the process of integrating with software products, by providing developers with a single, searchable platform for accessing all the information they need, and using AI to provide personalized guidance. We aim to improve the developer experience, reduce onboarding time, and help companies provide better support to their customers.

Our Story

Askr was founded by a team of experienced software developers who had faced the challenges of integrating new technology into their own projects. Frustrated by the lack of a consolidated platform for managing the process and finding the information they needed, they set out to create a solution that would make the process more efficient and effective.

They started by researching the needs and challenges of developers who were working with new technology, and quickly realized that there was a huge demand for a platform that could provide a consolidated interface, personalized AI assistance, and access to a wealth of information and support. With this insight, they set out to design and build a platform that could help developers overcome the barriers to understanding and successful integration of new technology.

Over the next year, the team worked tirelessly to develop the Askr platform, drawing on their own experience and expertise, as well as feedback from a growing community of developers who were eager to use the platform. They focused on building a platform that was easy to use, comprehensive, and highly effective, and they tested and refined the platform through a series of beta releases and user feedback.

Finally, we are close to launch Askr to the public!

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