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Waitlist closes Jan 30th

Join the Askr waitlist and get early access to Askr's AI-powered guidance system. Our system can provide direct assistance when needed, helping developers overcome common challenges and roadblocks during the integration process. Don't miss out - join the Askr waitlist today!

Put Your Fears to Rest

At Askr, we understand that there are many potential obstacles to using our platform and we want to offer solutions to alleviate any hesitations you may have.


We conform to industry and government regulations and use the latest encryption technologies. 


Our platform is designed to integrate with existing systems and applications.


Intuitive user interface and detailed documentation and tutorials to ensure our users are comfortable with the AI technology.


Our services are designed to grow with you as your needs change.


We offer a variety of pricing models to ensure our services are cost-effective.


Our AI technology is constantly tested and refined.

After using our product if you wouldn't jump in shark infested waters to get our product back we will return every penny. 

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